mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Short Bio

Michail’s short biography

Michail was born in Moscow, Russia the only son of Ludmila Vladimirovna Dumanis (Livin),  a tool and mining engineer (coal to uranium enrichment).  Michail studied music initially at the “Procofiev” school in Moscow.  From the age of 8 to 11 Michail was selected by Lokomotiv Moscow to  train as a gymnast. From the age of 11 until his departure from the then Soviet Union Michail joined in a “Modern Pentatlon”, « Trud of Moscow » a rare discipline containing 5 sports.
In 1973 Michail and his mother emigrated to Israel.  However, due to his mother’s health (diabetes and cardiac insufficiency) which was further complicated by the hot weather, Michail and his mother were compelled to move to France where the climate is moderate, for the health reasons and subsequently to Canada.
From Canada, Michail later received a student visa to study at the school of dance “Carnegie Hall, Ballet Arts, Studio 61 (Mme Lee)” in New York, N.Y. as exceptionally talented.
Later enrolled on a scholarship in the prestigious “School of American Ballet”  George. Balanchin – in New York.

Michail Weselow

Michail Weselow is a classical dancer having studied ballet at the “School of American Ballet” – George Balanchin – in New York.
Prior to that, Michail studied with the “Grand Ballet Canadien” in Montreal (école privé de ballet de Elena Voronova) and temporarily with the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto.
Michail started his dancing education in Moscow’s Palace of Pioneers at the age of seven and his musical education in the Music school in Moscow (clarinet and piano). His mother Ludmila Dumanis (Livin) completed musical school, piano class and vocals, and was a musically gifted woman with a perfect sense of hearing coupled with a beautiful voice.
Since the age of ten Michail started playing with the brass orchestra of the “Jeleznodorojnicov” in Moscow at the « House of cultur ».
Michael is a classically trained baritone singer. His repertoire is amongst other things: « Prince Igor, Borodin, Tchaikovsky, Queen of Spades, Eugene Onigin, Verdi’s Don Carlos, Russian Romance, … »
Michail performed as a dancer in the United States, England, Ireland, Germany, France (Lido) and Belgium.